Announcing the New Islamic Center in PA, USA

The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects in USA

is proud to announce its upcoming

New Islamic Center in Upper Darby, PA.

aicp philadelphia new center in upper darby


The need for authentic Islamic centers that spread moderation and true Islamic teachings is tremendous.  Support AICP in “building” a place where: children as well as adults can learn about the beautiful and moderate religion of Islam.

The completion of this project requires extensive renovations. You have the opportunity to support the new center with your generous donations to help us complete this project and build the needed classrooms, teachers, and curricula.

Your donations will help us graduate teachers that represent moderate Islam.


To complete renovations, we need to raise $300,000. This is not a lot of money!

If 300 people donate $1,000 we would reach this goal

We are not asking for large donations and there is no minimum amount required to make a donation. You can donate $20, $50, $100... or $10,000... Support the Islamic center with any amount you can afford. A sincere intention is what matters, whether you donate $1 or $1,000,000 and Allah multiples the rewards for whomever He wills.

Once our master ^Umar gave half of his wealth as charity, and our master Abu-Bakr As-Siddiq gave all of his wealth. The Prophet, may peace be upon him, asked him, “What did you leave for your family”. Abu-Bakr replied, “Allah and his Prophet”. 

Donate for the sake of Allah and rely on Allah, for Allah is the provider.




New Islamic center offers the community:

The renovation project of the new center includes:

Help us “build” a place where:

With a sincere intention, ANY amount is rewardable on the day of judgement.

(AND it’s tax deductible!)


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