Thursday, 18 July 2024
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TIES - The Islamic Education Schools

Our Schools are a Beacon of Light and Our Children are the Shining Hope of the Future

Protecting one’s self and family from the unbearable fire is achieved by learning the religious knowledge that Allah made an obligation upon every accountable person to acquire, and by teaching it to the family. One cannot be a pious Muslim when one does not fulfill the religious obligations and does not avoid the matters that Allah made forbidden.

The way to knowing the obligations and prohibitions is by acquiring the religious knowledge from those who have it. Hence, the guardian of the children must teach them the belief that Allah is clear of having any similarity to the creations and the obligatory and forbidden matters, such as teaching them the essential parts of taharah (purification) and salah (prayer).

In the present time of social decay, the religious education and raising of the children is not an easy matter, especially that most schools do not place such education as their top priority. There is no doubt that such education improves the welfare of the children and results in their well being in this life and the life after.

TIES (The Islamic Education Schools) in North America was established to resolve the dilemma concerned Muslim parents were facing in providing their children with a strong academic background, yet protecting them from the public school environment in which Muslim children might be exposed to influences seriously threatening their proper moral development.

TIES operates under the umbrella of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects of North America. our academic schools are registered to operate with their respective states' Department of Education.

The goal of each TIES schools is to teach Muslim children what will enable them to be successful in this world and in the Hereafter.

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