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Attributes of God

The scholars said that it is obligatory upon every mukallaf to know thirteen Attributes of Allah. They are: Existence, Oneness, Eternity, Everlastingness, Non-neediness of others, Power, Will, Knowledge, Hearing, Sight, Life, Speech, and Non-resemblance to the creation. The explanation of these attributes is as follows:

  1. Existence: It is obligatory to believe that Allah exists and that there is no doubt in His Existence. He exists without a place. Time does not lapse on Allah.
  2. Oneness: Allah is One without any partners. He is One in His Self, His Attributes, and His Actions.
  3. Eternity: Allah is Eternal; there is no beginning to His Existence. He has existed before the creation.
  4. Everlastingness: Allah is Everlasting; His existence does not come to an end. He does not perish.
  5. Non-neediness of others: Allah does not need any of His creations and they are all in need of Him.
  6. Power: Allah has Power over everything.
  7. Will: Everything that occurs in this world is by the Will of Allah.
  8. Knowledge: Allah knows about all things before they occur.
  9. Hearing: Allah hears all what is hearable, without an ear or any other organ.
  10. Sight: Allah sees all what is seeable, without a pupil or any other organ.
  11. Life: Allah is alive without a soul, skin, or heart. His Life is not similar to ours. He is alive and does not die.
  12. Speech: Allah’s Speech is without a tongue or lip. His Speech is not in a language, Arabic or anything else. His Speech does not resemble the speech of the humans.
  13. Non-resemblance to the creations: Allah does not resemble the creations.

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