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Dear Youth - Session 8

Before we continue talking about the great and honorable Prophet Idris, I would like to know if you love history as much as I do?! I love history because I know that this is something which really happened compared to all the fiction out there today, and I learn things which help me in my own life from knowing about the lives of other people in the past. By the way, did you notice that that is what some of history is, a record of what other people did. Of course included in history is the knowledge that in the past Allah created the earth and the stars and heavens, Paradise and Hell, and many other matters. Also the actions of angels and jinn are part of the record of history.

What is really important is that a record of history a person prepares is accurate. Compiling an accurate history on an Islamically significant event or person could be a very rewardable act which you may want to do someday. Also disproving an inaccurate account of history could be very rewardable, like for someone to disprove inaccurate reports made about Prophets of Allah.

This is part of what we try to do in presenting this part of your “Dear Youth...” page on the internet. So bearing all this in mind let us proceed in learning about the great and noble Prophet and Messenger, Prophet Idris.

Prophet Idris

It was reported that during the time of Prophet Idris, seventy-two different languages were spoken. Imagine that count how many languages you can think of people speaking now. So Prophet Idris’s society was very sophisticated, and everyone worshipped correctly. Allah gave Prophet Idris the knowledge of all these languages to teach each people in their own language. Who among us can speak 72 languages? Praise to God, surely the Prophets are the most intelligent people!

In addition to all we have mentioned, Prophet Idris was the first to set for his own people the rules of designing cities. Every group of the nation of Prophet Idris built cities in their lands and during his time eighty-eight (88) cities were built.

As with all Prophets, Idris was well known for his great wisdom. He knew the value of patience and said “Patience, along with belief, leads to success.”. Sometimes it is hard for us to wait a day or more for something we want, but as you get to know the stories of the Prophets you hear of Prophets being patient with people harming them, sometimes for hundreds of years. They did not retaliate in an immature way. Instead they sought Allah’s help and were guided to take the best course.

Prophet Idris and his fascinating story is not widely known about as some other Prophets are nowadays. Share this rich history with your friends and school. Think, if the people with the truth don’t talk, who will?!

Praise and thanks to Allah the Lord of the worlds!

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