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TIES - Fort Lauderdale Curriculum

The program was established in the year 2001, and is continuing to grow. The high standards in education, combined with the sincere dedication of its staff, made T.I.E.S. the first choice for many parents looking for a school for their children. T.I.E.S. has proven to be an institution that serves, educates, and cares for the new generation.

High Standards

Attending The Islamic Education School will, insha’allah, facilitate for the children the aspects of becoming honorable representatives of the Islamic society in this country.

T.I.E.S. students have proven high standards of education and grades above average when tested by the state certified teachers since the school year 2001/2002.

T.I.E.S. is equipped with the tools necessary to promote high quality education for its students. These tools include, but not limited to, a computer lab, educational software, library, and reduced student to teacher ratio. Students at T.I.E.S. receive special individual attention to ensure that they excel in both the worldly beneficial knowledge, as well as the religious matters.


The teachers at T.I.E.S. are fully qualified to be educators for your children. They are dedicated and committed to the success of their students.

In addition, there is a proactive effort in providing the teachers with the latest educational novelties, workshops, and tools to keep them up to date with the latest techniques in their endeavor of educating the students.

There is also a Board of Directors that supports the school in its needs. The members of this board have achieved high levels of education and have extensive experience in directing and managing staff.


The curriculum at T.I.E.S. includes: Qur'an, Religion (with designated time for Prayer), Arabic, English, Math, Science, Social Sciences, Health, Islamic History, Computer Lab, Art, Physical Education, and Madih (Chants). The school believes firmly in a “hands on learning” policy.

The textbooks used at T.I.E.S. are published by highly regarded companies that have a long history in publishing textbooks for both public and private schools.

Overall, the curriculum adapted by T.I.E.S. meets and exceeds the standards of the state and other private schools.

Extra Curricular Activities

Every school year, T.I.E.S. conducts Extra Curricular Activities that enhance the educational experience. Such activities include field trips to Science Centers, Zoos, Nature Walks, etc… Furthermore, there are frequent social gatherings for the students and their families that include brunches, luncheons and Islamic celebrations with student performances.


6045 SW 45th St, Davie, FL 33314


Limited number of seats available Call (954) 792-8009 and ask for a registration form

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