Monday, 15 April 2024
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TIES - Salam Saturday School, Philadelphia, PA


  • Safety… in this life and in the Hereafter by learning the sound Islamic Knowledge and implementing it.
  • Sincerity… in the good deeds, to gain reward for the Hereafter.
  • Service… within the community, to build bonds of friendship.

Preparing Our Children for a Successful Future

Welcome to Salam Saturday School. Our goal is to provide your child with a sound environment to learn the authentic Islamic Knowledge they need to be successful in this life and in the Hereafter.


1. The subjects your child will be taking include:

• Qur’anic Recitation, Memorization, and Rules of Tajwid

• Islamic Studies (Tawhid & Fiqh)

• Islamic History (Tarikh)

• The Life of the Prophets and their Companions (Sirah)

• Arabic reading program

2. We will provide five levels of classes.

Level 1 (5-6 years old),

Level 2 (7-8 years old),

Level 3 (9-11 years old),

Level 4 (12-14 years old),

Level 5 (15 & up).


Please check with administration if this is your preference. Payment is due at registration for 1st 2 months, or 1st semester. If paying monthly, payments are due on the first Saturday of every month. Payment can be by cash or check (made payable to AICP).


School begins promptly at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 1:00 p.m.

Students should arrive between 9:45 and 9:55 a.m. and report directly to the group meeting area. On time arrival is necessary to maintain an orderly classroom environment.

Your child will have supervision from SSS staff members until 1:10 p.m. only. After that time, the children will be asked to move outside to wait for their parents to pick them up.

No one other than those specified on the application form will be allowed to take the children from school. In emergency situations, if parents are unable to pick up their children, they must phone the SSS office to inform of what arrangements have been made.

We also ask that you make sure your children have all textbooks, notebooks, supplies, and homework for each class they attend.

In case of emergency, SSS staff may be reached at 215-387-8888 ext 150, or during school hours only at ext. 112.


Homework and implementing at home is the most important means through which the school curriculum can be made effective. SSS staff asks all parents to take an active part in making this rewarding endeavor successful. Parents are urged to spend time and effort going over the lessons and homework with their children before sending them back to school the following Saturday. In case of absence, it is the responsibility of the student and the parents to obtain missed lessons and assignments from respective teachers or class friends.


We respect the dignity and right of all students to have a responsible and accountable Islamic teaching environment. A minimum standard of comprehension of each course of study shall be applied to all students. SSS is not equipped, nor adequately staffed, to provide services for students who have special needs or who require special educational methods.

Any students experiencing extreme learning difficulties, very poor attendance, regular lateness, or serious behavioral problems will not be allowed to continue in the school until such a time when SSS is capable to manage these special students.


School closing due to inclement weather (snow emergency) will be decided by SSS staff as early as possible. Parents should call 215-387-8888 ext. 150 for information. It is the responsibility of the parents to check for emergency closings due to inclement weather.


Students should not be sent to school when they are sick. Parents should sign a waiver form allowing SSS staff members to take their child to the nearest hospital in case of an emergency.SSS is not liable and no legal action against SSS or AICP can be made for any accidental injuries.

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